General Terms of Application

Last modified: MARCH 6, 2023

1. General information 

1.1. “MentorMate LLC”, with registered seat and address of management: 10050 Crosstown Circle, Suite 200, Eden Prairie, MN, USA, 55344E, +1.612.823.4000, [email protected] (“the Company“, and together with its subsidiaries and affiliates “MentorMate“) is a software company that aims to contribute to the expansion of the pool of talented and qualified employees. In this regard, MentorMate provides a number of practical online training programs (“Training Programs“) in various areas such as information technology, business analysis, project management, web design, and any other areas that are within the scope of MentorMate’s employees’ competencies.  

1.2.The aim of the various Training Programs is to help professionals with little or no experience in the respective field to prepare for a successful career. 

1.3. Each of the Training Programs organised by MentorMate will be conducted online using the relevant online training platform (“Online Platform“), which will store information about each participant in the relevant Training Program and their performance. 

1.4. Access to the Training Programs will be open to all persons over 18 years of age, regardless of whether they are situated in Bulgaria or not. 

1.5. MentorMate does not provide Training Programs as part of its commercial or professional activities and is not among the state accredited universities in Bulgaria, nor among the licensed vocational training centres within the meaning of the Vocational Education and Training Act. 

1.6. These terms and conditions are intended to define the conditions of application for each of the Training Programs, organized by MentorMate. 


2. Application Rules 

2.1. Any person willing to join the Training Program, shall apply through the Career Website (“Career Website“) or through a job seeking or training platform (“Platform”).

2.2. The Career Website is a centralized system built by the Company for the purpose of applying for Training Programs. The Career Website contains information about the different Training Programs, the different phases of the Training Programs and the Privacy Policy for processing of personal data. 

2.3. The Platform is a dedicated job or training website on which the Company has published an advertisement for upcoming Training Programs and which provides the opportunity to apply directly for participation in any of the Training Programs offered by MentorMate.

2.4. For the purpose of the application it is necessary to fill in a form which includes:

a. name, personal email and contact phone number, location;

b. CV (autobiography);

c. declaring acknowledgment and consent to the contents of these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Notice and the Privacy Policy by ticking the relevant boxes.

2.5. Depending on the nature of the Training Program, it is possible that in addition to filling in an application form, Applicants may be asked to take an online exam with a theoretical part and practical tasks to approve the Applicant’s knowledge, analytical skills and technical competences, and/or an English language test.

2.6. In the event that for the relevant Training Program MentorMate requires taking of an online exam and/or English language test, the result of the online exam and/or English language test will be essential when deciding whether the Applicant will be invited to participate in the selection process for participating in the Training Programs. 

2.7. The Company will pre-select Applicants based on documents (application form, CVs) and information submitted (in case the Applicant is asked to take an exam and/or test in English) depending on pre-defined objective criteria and parameters for participation. 

2.8. Applicants who are selected on the basis of information in the submitted CV, and in case the Applicant is asked to take an online exam with a theoretical part and practical tasks and/or an English language test – based on the results of the exam and/or English language test, will be invited to take part in an interview.  

2.9. MentorMate may, but is not limited, to apply the following relevant criteria for the selection of Applicants which will be objectively applied to all Applicants:

a. motivation for development in the field in which the Training Program will be conducted, 

b. communication skills, 

c. fluency in English, 

d. logical and analytical thinking.

2.10. Selected Applicants will receive an invitation to participate in the Training Program and offer to sign electronically all documents related to the Training Program from MentorMate at the email address they have provided in the application form. The invitation to participate in the Training Program, made by the MentorMate, should be explicitly accepted by the respective Applicant by means of a confirmation email. 

2.11. After confirmation by the Applicant, the latter will receive a training contract, through which the Participant will receive the right to free theoretical and practical training, free access to training materials, information systems and other resources of the Company. 

III. Communication between the parties during the application process 

3.1. The communication between MentorMate and the Applicant shall be done electronically by sending a message to the following email: [email protected], through the applications for communication (e.g. Google Meet, Teams, etc.) or by phone at the phone number indicated on the application form. 

IV. Protection of personal data 

4.1. MentorMate will process certain categories of Participants’ personal data in connection with the application for the relevant Training Program. Information on the categories of personal data that will be processed by the Company, the duration and purposes of the processing, the Participant’s rights in respect of his/her personal data, and the possibility of their transfer to other countries, is provided to the Applicant when completing the application form via a Personal Data Protection Notice. 

V. Final provisions 

5.1. MentorMate has the right to change these Terms and Conditions. In the event of any amendment to these Terms and Conditions, Applicants will be deemed to be notified from the date of receipt of notice and access to the amended Terms and Conditions at the email addresses provided by the Applicants.